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Studio owner: djdurian
Studio type: Home/Project Studio
dj durian studio
My living room studio... currently working on new tracks with my group 'The Benks' Previews are available @ Please have a listen! EP is coming early 2011

Studio owner: beau_bryte
Studio type: DJ or Live Setup
B-Bryte Studio
Beau Bryte's setup for creating mixes, beats and mappings. Software: Traktor Scratch Pro, Traktor DJ iOS, Ableton Live, Maschine 2. Controllers: NI Maschine, NI Traktor Kontrol S4, NI Traktor Kontrol S2, NI Traktor Kontrol F1, NI Traktor Kontrol X1 DJTT MIDI Fighter 3D, DJTT MIDI Fighter Spectra, DJTT Midi Fighter Twister Akai MPD32, Novation Dicer, TouchOSC Android+iOS, Korg NanoKontrol, Vestax Vci-400 SE, Roland PC-300 Hardware: Krk Rokit 5 RGP2, Pioneer DJM-707, Yamaha MG124CX, Line6 Toneport UX2, NI Audio8DJ, NI Audio2, Vestax PDXd3, Sennheiser HD 25sp, Custom In-Ear Monitors, Universal Audio UAD 1, Zoom RFX-1000, SM Pro TB-202, Shure SM-58, Shure M44-7, LEM PFM 12.2a, Art Headamp 4 Computers: Asus N56VM - Notebook i5 2.5ghz 8GB Asus - Studio Rack PC Core2Duo 2.4ghz 4gb Asus - MemoPad HD7 Remote Midi Surface Tablet Acer Aspire 5315 - Notebook Core2Duo 2.4ghz 4gb Apple Ipad Mini 32GB Maschine 2.0 + iOS Expansions: Arcane Attic - Field Recorded Drums and Drum Synths Caribbean Current - Dancehall, Dub, Soca, Reggaeton, Moombahton Circuit Halo - Vintage Synths and Drums, Juno 60, Prophet 5, DX7, MS-20 Drop Squad - Dubstep, Grime Electric Vice - Dirty Electro House Grey Forge - Dark Techno Halcyon Sky - Ambient Atmospheres Lazer Dice - Future Bass Lucid Mission - Trance EDM Magnate Hustle - Urban Pop Marble Rims - West Coast Urban Funk Platinum Bounce - Hip Hop, Dirty South Beats, R&B* Resonant Blaze - Drum and bass, Dubstep, Trap Instruments and Plugins: Battery 3 - Sampler Massive - Virtual Analog Synth Replika - Delay Effect Reaktor The Mouth - Vocal Controlled Synth Reaktor Player - Sampler Host Kontakt Player - Synthesizer Host Komplete Selection: Reaktor Prism - Polyphonic Synth Reaktor Spark R2 - Subtractive Synthesizer Kontakt Scarbee Mark I - Classic Electric Piano Solid Bus Comp - Compressor Komplete Elements Mk2: Guitar Rig Elements Selection - Guitar Amps and FX Kontakt Abbey Road Early 60s - Recorded Drum Kit Kontakt Vienna Orchestral - Strings Kontakt Band - Band Instruments Kontakt World - Sampled Exotic Instruments Kontakt Urban Beats - Groovebox, 5 Drum Loop Production Kits, Kontakt Synth - 12 Instruments, 808, 909, DX7 Kontakt Vintage - 13 legendary Instruments Reaktor Aerobic - 6 Track Drum Seq Reaktor Metaphysical Function - Synthesized Looped Sample Player Reaktor Steampipe 2 - Physical modeling Synth Reaktor Photone - Raw Sound Design Synth Reaktor Oki Computer 2 - Wavetable Synth Reaktor Spark - Feedback Synth Various: N.I. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.7 - DJ Software N.I. Traktor DJ - iPAD DJ App N.I. Maschine 2.2 - Groove Sequencer N.I. iMaschine - iPAD Groove App Nerds Loopbe1 - Maschine <> Traktor Virtual Midi Link Ableton Live 8 - Digital Audio Workstation Pioneer RekordBox - CDJ Software Sony Sound Forge - Sound Editor Sony Vegas - Video Editor

Studio owner: ardstudio
Studio type: Home/Project Studio
A small home office/bedroom studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark PC: Intel Core i5 Gear not in the list: Boss Dr-660 Roland D-20

Studio owner: bambamstudio
Studio type: Professional Studio
BamBam studio
BamBam studio is a digital music production studio in Eindhoven. My studio aims mainly at composing, arranging and music productions in the broad sense of the word. Music productions can vary from rock, headstock, dance, hip-hop, R&B, ambient to jazz... in fact any genre is possible. Unfortunately BamBam Studio doesn't have the possibility to record complete bands, but producing a band is always possible in our or any other studio of course. We have a vast list of musicians, producers and excellent vocalists who can help you with your music production. BamBam Studio has an objective: a studio must be affordable for everyone! This means that BamBam studio can offer high quality production tools against a very reasonable price. And therefore both the professional and the amateur musician can work in our studio for a low price. We deliver this high quality product with 24 digital tracks mixing boards together with all the modern production tools needed. In the studio we have two digital Total Recall mengtafels (32 canals), a good technician, a good atmoshpere, good coffee and airco in the control space to make the work as comfortable as possible. Check out our studio page for pictures and a complete list of the technical and musical equipment with which BamBam Studio will bring your production to a good final result.

Studio owner: korgy
Studio type: Home/Project Studio
Atopon Studios
Recording and Reahearsal place for everyone who wants something different!

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Synthesizers:Elektron Analog Four
The Analog Four is the best of two worlds. The power of analog synthesis is enhanced with precise Elektron sequencing for a machine par excellence. This is an analog synthesizer for the modern age.

Synthesizers:E-MU Systems Vintage Pro
The Vintage Pro takes the concepts from the Vintage Keys and packages it in another great single-space rack module with the same features and capabilities as E-mu's Proteus 2000, Virtuoso 2000, Orbit 3, and Turbo Phatt sound modules. It comes full of classic synthesizer sounds of the '60's, '70's and '80's. This includes analog and digital synths, FM synths, Hammond organs, Wurlitzer EPs, etc. According to E-mu, there are over 30 classic keyboards from ARP to Yamaha within the sample-based ROM of the Vintage Pro for easy and authentic recreation and emulation of these sounds.

Synthesizers:Roland Integra-7
With the development of SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology, Roland has blurred the boundary between acoustic and electronic instruments. Built upon these core technologies, the new INTEGRA-7 gives musicians a gold mine of the latest SuperNATURAL sounds in a fast-access, fully stocked 16-part module.

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