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Studio owner: blueroom
Studio type: Recording Studio

Studio owner: arsenpro
Studio type: Home/Project Studio (Arsen Studio B)
Studio B is the little MIDI-studio and writing-room of the brandnew Arsen Productions Oberrhein Studios, located in the south of Germany. Serveral modern and legendary synthesizers are housed here. Missing in the list below: - Alesis QS-R - Clavia ddrum 4 - E-mu Planet Phatt w/Launch-Pad - E-mu Procussion - E-mu Vintage Keys Plus - Eminent 2000 Grand Theater w/Solina String Ensemble - Evolution EVS-1 - GEM WS-2 Workstation - Hammond B-200 w/Dynacord DC-100 Leslie (!) - KAT TrapKat - Kawai K-1R - Marion Systems MSR-2 (!) - Novation Drumstation - Oberheim OB-Xa (8-Voice) w/DSX and Cyclone (!) - Red Sound DarkStar w/Vocoda - Roland EXR-7 - Roland Jupiter-8 (!) - Roland JX-8P w/Roland PG-800 Programmer - Technics AX-7 - Yamaha DX-7 II FD (!)

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Synthesizers:Elektron Analog Four
The Analog Four is the best of two worlds. The power of analog synthesis is enhanced with precise Elektron sequencing for a machine par excellence. This is an analog synthesizer for the modern age.

Synthesizers:E-MU Systems Vintage Pro
The Vintage Pro takes the concepts from the Vintage Keys and packages it in another great single-space rack module with the same features and capabilities as E-mu's Proteus 2000, Virtuoso 2000, Orbit 3, and Turbo Phatt sound modules. It comes full of classic synthesizer sounds of the '60's, '70's and '80's. This includes analog and digital synths, FM synths, Hammond organs, Wurlitzer EPs, etc. According to E-mu, there are over 30 classic keyboards from ARP to Yamaha within the sample-based ROM of the Vintage Pro for easy and authentic recreation and emulation of these sounds.

Synthesizers:Roland Integra-7
With the development of SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology, Roland has blurred the boundary between acoustic and electronic instruments. Built upon these core technologies, the new INTEGRA-7 gives musicians a gold mine of the latest SuperNATURAL sounds in a fast-access, fully stocked 16-part module.

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